What is Camp Easter Seal like?

No two days at camp are ever the same! Activities change based on camper needs and interests and adjusted based on the age group. We do have a general schedule that we follow, and most days look a little something like this…

7:00 am              Wake Up!

8:15 am              Flag Raising and Morning Stretch

8:30 am              Breakfast

10:00 am            Program Activity Area #1

12:00 pm            Lunch

1:30 pm              Program Activity Area #2

2:45 pm              Canteen

3:30 pm              Program Activity Area #3

5:30 pm              Supper

7:30 pm              Evening Program

8:15 pm              Flag Lowering & Closing Song “Friends”

8:30 pm              Night Snack

9:00 pm              Cabin Time


Campers participate in recreational activities and move about, with assistance, from place to place, on our camp property throughout the day.  Camp is an outdoor experience – we spend as much time outside as possible.

Our program areas include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports & Games
  • Music & Drama
  • Rustics
  • Overnight tent camping (NEW this season)
  • Community outings (bus rides, ice cream trips, trips to local destinations around camp)
  • Indoor Swimming pool
  • Waterfront activities (swimming in the lake at the beach and boat rides)

Daily evening camp wide activities full of fun planned by our Program Team:

  • Monday – Welcome Campfire and Sing Song
  • Tuesday – Trips to Danceland
  • Wednesday – Camp Carnival
  • Thursday – Final Banquet and Dance Party

Our cabins are large, air conditioned and heated (if required) and fully accessible. All cabins are a large open space and have 8 beds, with a mixture of hospital beds and camp bunks. The washrooms have large roll-in showers and there are lots of grab bars for campers who require them, as well as shower chairs. Basic adult commode chairs and Hoyer lifts are available in each cabin. Each cabin has a patio and/or deck where campers enjoy time together.

There will be 8 campers sharing a cabin. There will be three support workers and one support leader assigned to each cabin. One of support workers will stay in the cabin overnight and support leader makes rounds to all cabins every night.

Camp Easter Seal is proud to offer an age-appropriate, nutritious camp menu. Camper eat their meals with friends in the dining hall.

Camp Easter Seal is completely nut-free and shellfish-free and we can accommodate many food allergies and dietary restrictions. We have a specifically trained staff person who prepares meals for campers with special food requirements in a specially designated prep area in the kitchen.


During the application process we ask for detailed information about dietary restrictions, food sensitivities and food-related allergies.

While we are able to meet a variety of meal routines and dietary plans. We will make food substitutes to meet special diet requirements, there may be occasions where you will be required to supply additional food products.  Our staff can puree foods and provide other texture modifications.

Our kitchen is equipped to address the nutritional needs of vegetarians, vegans, celiac/wheat/gluten free diets, lactose, soy and egg allergies, but we do not offer dye-free diets, Kosher or Halal foods.

Keto diets are supported when prescribed by the camper’s medical professionals. We will work with your team to ensure your needs are met when you are with us.

Campers must supply their own specialty items. If you require specialized food (Tube Feeds, Boost, etc.) or specialty eating utensils, cups or plates please send those to camp, labelled with your full name (first and last name).

If you are unsure of whether or not your dietary needs will be met at camp, or have any questions about our food services, please contact us by sending an email to campeasterseal@saskabilities.ca.

Each summer, Camp Easter Seal hires 60+ staff who are chosen for their maturity, enthusiasm, and caring manner. Prior to working at camp, the staff go through intensive training during where they learn the important skills necessary for working with campers. Camp Easter Seal also has two full-time, permanent staff who live on site during the camp season. Both the Camp Manager and the Office Administrator are happy to answer your questions at any time.

Each summer we hire a Registered Nurse to provide health services, they are on-call to attend to any emergency need 24 hours a day.

All staff at Camp Easter Seal support campers with a person-centered approach, focusing on connectedness, personal choices, inclusion, growth, and opportunity.

Camp Tours are provided by appointment only on Tuesday – Thursday each week.

To arrange a tour call the camp office and we would be happy to show you around.

What types of camps are there?

Our individual camp sessions are open to campers ages 10 and up.  Campers join us on their own or with an attendant for a week of fun and sun.  Our staff provides all of the food, facility and fun. Our support team is also there to help all our campers out with their time in the cabins, dining hall and around camp to make it the best week of the year!


Family camp sessions are designed to help a camper transition into the camp experience by providing the opportunity to bring familiar supports with them.  These camps are also open to campers living in a group environment and want to come to camp with their roommates and staff at home.

Family camp sessions are run just like our individual camp sessions. Camp Easter Seal provides the facility, the food, and the fun (programming). The only difference is we don’t have our support workers on site. Each camper brings their own support people who manage all the camper’s needs, including sleeping in the cabin with the camper.  If you are interested in learning more about our Family Camps please click here.


What medical and health services are provided at camp?

Medications must be brought to camp by the camper. All medications, both prescription and non-prescription medications (supplements, vitamins, over the counter medications) must be listed on a Medical Administration Record Sheet (MAR Sheet). A MAR Sheet for your medications is available at your pharmacy. We cannot provide medication to our campers unless it is personally brought to camp with the camper, correctly labeled and documented on the MAR Sheet provided upon arrival.

It is preferred that all medications including vitamins and supplements arrive in compliance packaging (blister package or pack med roll method) and be listed on the MAR Sheet. All liquid medications must be sent to camp in the original packaging or prefilled in syringes with the pharmacy label legible and intact and listed on the MAR Sheet.  Treatment supplies (creams, drops, fiber powders etc.) must be sent in their original packaging.

Campers are required to bring sufficient medication for the duration of their stay. If medication is prescribed during the campers stay or missing upon arrival, the camper is responsible for the cost of medication.

Campers are required to disclose all allergies in their application information. All efforts will be made to prevent the chances of a severe allergic reaction. Camp Easter Seal is a scent aware and latex-free environment, as well as nut-free and shellfish free.


If a camper becomes ill while in attendance at Camp Easter Seal, the camper will be quarantined from the camp community until next steps can be arranged. Parents/guardians/supports of the camper will be contacted, and if warranted, will pick up the camper.

It is our practice to notify a parent/caregiver/support person when a camper is ill or requires medical attention. Occasionally we cannot reach parents/caregivers and we need to get immediate help for the camper. On the camp application form you will be asked to consent and give authorization to camp staff to take immediate appropriate action, call a physician, take the camper to the nearest emergency centre or summon an ambulance for emergency medical aid, if the person(s) in attendance feel such services are required and you cannot be contacted or perform emergency first aid as necessary.

If a camper is admitted to the hospital, the responsibility for care reverts to the original care providers (parent/caregiver/support person). The doctor will contact that person regarding treatment. If a camper is discharged from the hospital, it is to the care of the original care provider.

If a camper wishes to return to Camp Easter Seal upon discharge, that decision is made between the care provider and Camp Manager.

It is the responsibility of the camper, parent or caregiver to inform us of any changes to emergency contact information or changes in the health care and medical information provided in the camp application prior to arriving at camp.

Camp Easter Seal works closely with the Watrous Hospital and the doctors in Watrous. This resource is only 6 km from camp.

The Watrous Hospital is a rural hospital capable of dealing with typical emergency situations; hospital staff decide if an emergency should be referred to Saskatoon.

Watrous has a volunteer ambulance service with one vehicle. Related ambulance costs are the responsibility of the camper.

How to Register for Camp Easter Seal


Camper registration for Camp Easter Seal summer camp sessions is done online, through our website. We have a tutorial video, and as always, we are just a phone call away should you have questions or need assistance during registration.

Camper Registration is open from February 1st to 28th each year.  If a camp session has availability, we will continue to accept registrations for that session beyond that date until the spaces are filled.

The following video will lead you through our application process.

If campers need one to one support they would come to camp with an attendant. Ideally, the attendant should know the camper so as to best help integrate the camper into the camp programs while being able to address camper care needs as they arise. For more information on our process for campers needing an attendant and what an attendant needs to do Click Here.  If you have questions please contact the camp office.

Each individual that comes to Camp Easter Seal has unique needs and exceptionalities. Camp is a unique environment that can be noisy and busy. We expect 120+ people at camp each week, with both staff and campers. We spend a lot of time outside, sometimes dealing with rain and cold and heat. Campers get tired from busy days, and the distance  and hilly terrain between activities.

Generally, the Camp Easter Seal program works with a 4:1 camper to staff ratio. Campers and staff create a cabin group that includes 3 support workers and 8 campers.  Staff are required to take scheduled breaks throughout the day. This group spends most of the week together.  They eat at the same table and attend most activities as a group. At night, there is only 1 support worker on shift in each cabin. When a camper requires personalized attention, for either physical care or behavioural needs that goes beyond the 4:1 ratio of supervision offered by the cabin group, then an attendant is required.

Smoking & Vaping at Camp

Adult campers who wish to smoke/vape tobacco will be asked to do so in the designated area only. There is absolutely no smoking inside any buildings at camp, on cabin patios or anywhere else on camp property.


Recreational cannabis use, in any form, while at Camp Easter Seal is not permitted. If you use medical cannabis and have a prescription, the medication and should appear on the MAR sheet accompanied by a copy of the prescription.  If you have questions about your medications and camp please give our office a call.

Alcohol Policy

Consumption of alcohol on camp property is not permitted.

Drug Policy on Camp Property

The possession and/or use of illegal drugs is not permitted on the Camp Easter Seal property.

I have finished my application now what?

Every application is reviewed carefully by our team. If we need additional information, or need to discuss you or the camper’s specific needs in more detail, we will set up a conversation with you.

All applications submitted will show the status as “waitlisted” until early to mid May at which time our staff will send out a notification email. This notification will either be updated to “registered” – which means you have a spot, or you or the camper will remain “waitlisted”. If you or the camper continues to be “waitlisted” there is still a chance they can come to camp, however, this depends on cancellations and capacity. Everyone will hear from us regardless, using the email address used in the application process.

It is important to note that we receive hundreds of applications beyond our capacity each year. We do our best to accommodate requests, as everyone is deserving of the great summer camp experience.

We understand that medications can change often for our campers.  Our applications close at the end of February and you may not be at camp till August, that’s a long time.  If your medications change prior to your arrival at camp please let us know as soon as you can. It is very important for us to know as your information we have at camp needs to match your MAR or Medical Administration Sheet while you are with us.

Take a look at our packing list for what to bring.

Camper Packing List.

You will also need to fill out this form just before you come to camp and pack it with your bags.

Summary of Care

Medications and any Protocol documents – these you can find out more about in our Medical and Health services section on this page.

Our camp has a canteen is stocked with chocolate bars, chips, other treats and beverages like pop and juice as well as small souvenir items. Campers are supported by their support worker to ensure that their purchase is not in conflict with a special diet or an allergy.

During their time with us campers go off-camp for activities such as trips into Watrous or to the ice cream store in Manitou Beach. Community trips will be in keeping with all health and safety guidelines and are subject to cancellation.

Our goal is to keep our canteen affordable to all campers so our items are priced at cost so each camper has an opportunity to purchase some souvenir item.

Most campers bring a between $25 and $50 dollars to camp. We accept cash, debit and credit cards at camp. Money not spent is sent home with the camper when they depart.

Campers deposit their cash into the canteen when they arrive to ensure a good flow of cash management for the campers and office staff.


If you need to cancel your camp session please notify our office as soon as possible. We have waitlisted campers hoping for a spot.

We do encourage families to phone during the camper’s stay. Campers are also given time to call home before bed. We facilitate these calls for campers and families though our office as cabin telephones cannot dial out. The camp phone number to connect with campers is 1-306-946-3373.

If you are planning to call a camper the best time to reach them would be from 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm. and 8:30 – 9:00 pm each night.

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