What is Camp Easter Seal like?

  • Camp Easter Seal is a group experience for persons ages 6 and up
  • Campers participate in recreational activities and move about, with assistance, from place to place, on our camp property throughout the day
  • Camp is busy, noisy, and active
  • Campers eat meals with friends in the dining hall
  • Camp is an outdoor experience – we spend as much time outside as possible
  • Campers share a sleeping cabin with other campers, supervised overnight by a staff member who remains awake, if someone should need assistance
  • We offer, on average, a ratio of 1 support staff for every 4 campers
  • If you require more support, especially in a new and overnight environment, we welcome campers to bring an attendant
  • Camp is fun, magical, and life-changing for campers

How to Register for Camp Easter Seal

The following Summer 2022 video will lead you through this year’s application process.

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Why Camp Easter Seal is so special

What makes our camp so special to so many individuals? Check out these stories, we hope that the magic of Camp Easter Seal reaches you too!

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Volunteering Opportunities

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Ways to Give

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Camp Wish List

Donations of materials from people like you make Camp Easter Seal possible.

Special Events

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